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Angel Readings

I offer personalized angel reading sessions steeped in the love of God to help clients tune into the energy of their angels and spiritual guides for confirmation, support, action steps, and life strategies. Angel readings are a great way to connect with your heavenly helpers.


I've been honing my skills as an angel reader since 2006. All of my readings call forth messages that focus on my client's highest and greatest good. I listen to messages from the angels and utilize my intuition and our shared intention to empower you, provide confirmations, and give positive reinforcement. I also provide tips on how to use the information you receive from them and how to connect with the angels on your own!


In 2014, I became a certified professional coach and I've found angel readings to be a powerful tool in my coaching practice. Angel reading sessions are designed for clients who require more spiritual coaching but don't have time to pursue a long term coaching relationship or would like to explore this in addition to their regular coaching sessions. Angel readings integrate well with other mind, body and soul enhancements and action plans.

Pricing for angel reading is as follows:

15 minute angel blueprint - $60

30 minute angel blueprint - $90

45 minute angel blueprint - $115

1 hour angel blueprint - $150

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